Level 1 Collective

Level 1 Collective utilizes years of experience in various sectors to provide direction, advice and guidance to start-ups, businesses looking to expand or diversify, or businesses in distress and in need of support. Focused on structure, processes, corporate culture, branding and marketing, L1 provides sound solutions for businesses of all sizes in any market.

Mentorship is key to Level 1 Collective's dynamic. It offers guidance and support to young individuals who are making their way in the corporate world. It realizes the challenges ahead of today's youth and is committed to utilizing its vast network to open doors and create paths for entrepreneurs in search of success.
Level 1 Collective partners with various entities to raise awareness as well as financial support to a variety of causes whose main focus is the enhancement of health and education of children. It does this through fundraising events and, or development of educational programs designed specifically for each cause. L1 has proven an effective and productive event planner with ties to many important causes and is loaded with assets enabling it to create, manage and produce world-class fundraising events.

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131 Planchet Road. Concord, ON L4K 2C6


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